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Parking and Traffic Safety

Arrival Process

Student Supervision begins 10 minutes before the first bell. Please do not allow students to arrive earlier than 9:00am. The gate to the playground opens at 9:00.

Student safety begins with you! During drop off and pick up, please follow the rules below to ensure that all students are safe at all times.

Parent Drop Off:

  • Adults stay in car at all times. If you need to assist your child getting in or out of the car, you will need to park rather than use the drop off/pick up lane. 
  • Students are ready to exit. Have coats on and backpacks/lunches nearby when you leave your house rather than waiting until it is time to exit. Students must exit on the curb side. 
  • Say your "Good byes", "I love yous" and reminder of the pickup plans as soon as you enter the parking lot/loop. 
  • Drive slowly. Plan your drop off time so that it allows for traffic. If you are on a tight schedule, taking the bus, walking or riding with a friend is a better option. 
  • Engage civilly. Moments of frustration are bound to occur. Remembering our Culture of Kindness and our District's Civility Regulation are important. 
  • Drop Off in Loop. Only drop students off from 1st Avenue, not by the pool for student safety. We realize it may save time, but the pool entrance is only for pool guests and Staff/Bus entry.
  • No adults permitted on campus past the gate.
  • All students enter to the playground and line up until 9:07


  • Students will be allowed on campus starting at 9:00
  • Students who arrive prior to 9:00 will need to be with an adult.
  • Cross at the appropriate crossings and follow the directions of the school patrol, 
  • Dispose of all trash properly; 
  • Stay on the sidewalk and walk directly to and from school; 
  • Be alert and aware of bicyclists/scooters on the sidewalk; 
  • Safely walk and watch for turning vehicles when crossing side streets; 
  • Walk with other students. 

Bicyclists and scooter riders must:

  • Wear a helmet – it’s the law; 
  • Dismount and walk bike/scooter on the school grounds for the safety of those on foot. Pedestrians have the right-of-way; 
  • Park and lock bike at the rack located at the school. 
  • Students will be allowed on campus starting at 9:00
  • Students who arrive prior to 9:00 will need to be with an adult.

Late arriving students: Dropping students off after 9:15

  • Escort your child into the main office
  • The student will be marked tardy, given a tardy slip, and sent to class following one-way hallway procedures

Dismissal Process


  • Students who walk home will meet their parent/guardian on the grass between Gibson Ek and the Community center.

Car pickup

  • Once exiting the building, students will proceed directly to their car.
  •  If students need to wait for their car to pull up, students will wait under the covered area in front of the building.

Arrival/Dismissal Drop Off/Pick Up Map

  • Review the map below for areas to drop off and pick up students.
    • It is unsafe to have students get out prior to these 3 drop off/pick up spots
    • It is unsafe to use the inside loop to go in front of these 3 drop off/pick up spots
Arrival-Dismissal Map