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Procedure for Classroom Change


The Clark staff met as a team and developed the current class assignments based on the following criteria:

  • Input from parents
  • Input from your child’s last teacher
  • A balanced ratio of boys and girls
  • Achievement levels
  • Behavior factors when applicable
  • Compatibility of students with others, i.e. separating students who have not worked well together
  • Independent work habits
  • Leadership skills
  • Social needs
  • Recommendations from Guidance Teams, psychologist, or counselor when applicable. 


In order to give the children, the teachers, and the parents ample opportunities to adjust to the current placement, the process may be initiated no sooner than October 1st

Process for Requesting a Class Change

The following steps should be taken:

  1. Parents and teachers meet to problem solve.
  2. If concerns continue, the Classroom Change Request form needs to be completed.
  3. The request for change in assignments will be evaluated by the building’s Guidance Team.  Grade level teams may also be involved.  Parents may be involved in the Guidance Team process.

Classroom Change Request Form